The Master Plan

In the beginning…

After experiencing many battles with our own children about eating their vegetables, and listening to friends experiencing the same, we decided to start making soups in the guise of power potions! Very soon our little souperheroes couldnt get enough of “Power Blast”, “Super Speed” and “Brain boost”.

Requests followed from friends and family for our soup for their children and we realised how much 5-12 year olds had been over-looked with the availability of healthy and convenient foods in our shops.

We have developed three delicious children’s soups to keep your little ones happy and well-nourished all year long. These vegetable-packed portions have been designed to engage children with vibrant packaging and fun potion names to attract their attention and make them want to eat clean and healthy food. Our soups are mum-made using high-quality, local ingredients and lots of love and care.

The sole focus of our company is to make healthy food fun for children. By making convenient, affordable, guilt-free alternatives for parents, we want to change the perception of children’s convenience foods and help kids understand that healthy food is important.

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